Mount Cheminis

Ever feel like you are standing on top of the world?

While Mount Cheminis might not be as famous as Mount Everest, the buzz you get when standing 500 meters above sea level, with land stretching out as far as the eye can see, is a pretty close second.

Mount Cheminis lies on the Ontario-Quebec border. Traveling east on Trans-Canada Highway 66, you’ll see it rising like a mirage in the distance. Framed by two smaller hills, it seems to be growing straight up and out of the road. It has a majesty about it that takes your breath away. Little wonder that the area’s original Ojibway inhabitants identified it as an important ceremonial ground. European explorers first encountered Cheminis in the 1600's.

Today, our fascination with the rock continues. It is a favourite hiking spot in the Kirkland Lake District. A well-worn trail exists on the north side. Near the base of the mountain you pass through an impressive boulder field. From there the trail becomes increasingly more vertical. Forty-five minutes later, you stand exhausted but exhilarated on the summit.

Mount Cheminis is best visited during the summer months. But be aware: the trail is not maintained and can be very challenging in some spots. If the weather is not good, don't go. 



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